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When computer and network problems pop up, the last thing you want to face is the unpleasant task of disconnecting your hardware, carrying it to a department store, leaving it and your personal information for days or weeks, and then retrieving it and reconnecting it to that tangle of wires.   Instead, call Kitsap ComputerLab!  We'll come to you anywhere in Kitsap County and solve your PC, notebook, or network problems on the spot.  

If your computer is bogged down or completely unresponsive - we can fix it.  If your wireless connection comes and goes - we can fix it.  If you've lost photos, documents, or other files - we can get them back.  And best of all, we do it quickly and on-site so your computer never leaves your control.  No worries, no waiting, just rapid service where you want it and when you want it.

Call or e-mail today to schedule an appointment for on-site or online service:

(360) 277-9200

Computer Repair - Kitsap County from Bremerton to Poulsbo